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I haven't gotten a reply from Adam about the shirts, but I talked it all through with my mom and we decided I'll go ahead and make another order.

I'll have to stop the order if someone posts about it on ParamoreMusic.
So please try to tell your Paramoremusic friends about the shirts off of that so we have enough people ordering. I need at least 30 shirts to be ordered to follow through with it.

Please comment here if you're interested in buying a paramoremusic shirt and try to talk your livejournal friends into buying too.
I'd like to stay clear of this order getting onto Paramoremusic.
Order forms will be posted by Serina: parawhore829
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The shirts came in and have been shipped out. Most US people will get them today or tomorrow.
People seem to like their shirts a lot!

To everyone outside of the USA: They wouldn't let us ship piority mail so my mom bought different envolopes and shipped them regular mail. It may take a little over 10 days to get to you.

I'm thinking about ordering shirts again. It'd be the same design and prices for people who couldn't get them earlier.
I have to make sure I'm allowed to order again by FueledByAdam. I've already emailed him asking if I can, I'll post when I get his reply.
If I'm allowed to, Serina or I will be posting an order form THAT day. We'll give you guys about a month to send in money and order forms. I'd need all money and orders in by May 16th. So if you're thinking about ordering (if we're allowed!) make sure you start saving up at least 25 dollars for US and at least 35 for anywhere else.

For everyone that already recieved a shirt, I'd love to see what they look like. Post pictures here!
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Hey guys. I ordered them a little over a week ago. If you had paid in full, you got your shirts.
About 4 people who placed an order through us didn't pay so they didn't get a shirt (sorry, we told you we had a deadline! We also emailed you to warn you)

A lot of people have been asking Danyell, Serina and I when they will be getting the shirts, well I'm not really sure.
The "dropdead" ship date is March 24th. That means that's the absolute last day they'll mail it out of the factory.
They say it takes up to two weeks to get to me, but it could be as little as 3 days.
Please wish/pray/hope they get to me before March 29th so I can give them to Paramore and get everyone their shirts before JEWamore tour starts.

I should be getting an email the day it's shipped out, I'll post then and again when the shirts get to me.

If you are concerned about the shirt getting to yuo before your date, please comment here with the date you're going to.
I'll find your shirt in the box first and overnight it to you.
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BLACKMAGICKXX: I've tried to contact you the past week. If I don't get something from you tomorrow, you will be removed from the order. I have tried to leave you comments, messages and emails and none of them are working. PLEASE get in touch with me.

I haven't received anything in the mail in two days, hopefully the rest of you guys' money will come tomorrow. Please tell me the day you shipped it out, all of you have said you sent it, but not the day.
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I just got a million money orders in the mail! I feel like such a pimp.
But obviously not pimp enough. We still need about 10 dollars in donations. I've started to count change and I still am running short. If you can help some more, that'd be REALLY nice.

Here's the updated list of people who have paid::

If you are not on this list and have paid via paypal, please tell me your paypal name so I can mark you off. A few of you used your parents paypal's and I haven't found matches of last names.

I haven't receive payment from the following people:


If you are on this list, you will be getting an email or message from one of us tonight.
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